• Cost Effective Feeding

    The Lely Cosmix feeder provides accurate information about the additional concentrate feed and the intake of cows. Additional concentrate feeders are used to balance the ration for low and high yielding cows, or to distribute extra feed types to cows that require it.

  • Balanced Per Cow

    When a cow enters the Lely Cosmix, she is identified through her neck or leg identification tag. Because each animal’s daily ration is continuously calculated, the Lely Cosmix will immediately assess if the cow should eat, and how much. No feed is wasted, because feed is dispensed according to her eating speed.

  • Additional Concentrate For Dry Cows

    Dry cows are often placed in a calving barn or straw pen during the last transitional weeks before calving. These cows cannot be fed in the robot but it is of paramount importance that they receive sufficient concentrate. Therefore, it is ideal to install an additional Cosmix feed station here.

  • Feeding minor feed quantities with increased precision

    The feed is dispensed into specially shaped feed troughs. This allows you to feed very small portions with increased precision. Another feature is that the dispensing position avoids the risk of molding and cake wastage is reduced to a minimum.