• Lely Astronaut

    Lely Astronaut, the natural way of milking

  • Lely Juno

    24/7 fresh roughage with less labor.

  • Lely Discovery

    Intelligent and friendly barn cleaning solution.

  • Lely Luna

    The Lely Luna brush has been developed to give optimum comfort to the cows, enabling them to get rid of dust and itches.

  • Cost Effective Feeding

    The Lely Cosmix feeder provides accurate information about the additional concentrate feed and the intake of cows.Additional concentrate feeders are used to balance the ration for low and high yielding cows, or to distribute extra feed types to cows that require it.


About Us

At our Lely centers our efforts are towards creating a sustainable profitable and enjoyable future in farming for our farmers. We supply the agricultural sector with a complete portfolio of products and services ranging from automated feeding systems, barn cleaning, and milking robots. Lely Center Vermont and Lely Center Albany are part of Lely’s exclusive Lely Center Distribution Channel in North America. Both Lely Centers are committed to sell and service the complete line of Lely’s dairy equipment products in VT, Eastern NY, and parts of MA, NH, and CT. They are market leaders and determined to improve the financial and social well-being of their customers.

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